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Welcome to The Computer Company

December 14th, 2009

In October, 2009,  The Computer Company, Inc. became a Premier Certified Partner of Cisco Systems, Inc. Having a Premier Certified partner status from Cisco means more  than just expanding the level of service offerings to our existing clients, we can also provide service to schools, manufacturing companies, and serve state and government projects  in a larger capacity.

As the need for secure wireless networks and efficient information technology services continues to grow, computer networking providers face the impending challenge of staying ahead of the curve.  The Computer Company, established in 1996, has adjusted over the years to meet the ever changing demands of customers seeking professional IT assistance. 

Aside from the new partnership with Cisco Network Systems, their current offerings provide assistance for companies unable to stretch their own IT team to meet their needs. These offerings include: Networking Services, Web Development, and Data Center Solutions. 

The addition of CISCO Wireless Solutions to The Computer Company offers tools to design, troubleshoot, assess a company’s existing wireless network, and successfully install a wireless local area network (WLAN) into businesses seeking the latest amenities. Cisco Systems Inc. offers routers, switches, and network management software to help companies utilize their business potential.