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Guest Wi-Fi Can Measurably Improve Customer Engagement for Brick and Mortar Businesses

December 19th, 2016

guest wifi brick and mortar
Brick and mortar companies that want to access the same level of customer insights as online shops need look no further than their own Wi-Fi networks. Advancements in Wi-Fi engagement and analytics tools can unlock goldmines of data on customer behavior, preferences and sentiment to support businesses’ marketing and sales programs.

Online shopping for retailers, mobile ordering for dining franchises, and online booking and mobile check-in and out for hotels. These are just a few examples of ways brick and mortar businesses have lost a direct connection with their customers. Unlike online businesses, organizations with physical locations haven’t traditionally had access to data on traffic, conversions and other analytics to help optimize their marketing and sales programs. However, since the vast majority of the world now carries a Wi-Fi-enabled device at all times, brick and mortar business can access all kinds of invaluable information on shopper, guest and employee behavior.

With the right Wi-Fi management tools, store-provided wireless access can help businesses successfully carry out initial engagement, engagement analytics and targeted marketing. Following are a few examples of in-store marketing powered by Wi-Fi….

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