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The First Program of its Kind in the Nation for Children with Visual Impairments…

October 6th, 2011

Windsor-based CRIS Radio is now the first program of its kind in the  nation to provide on-demand audio versions of children’s books for  children with visual impairments, learning disabled or physically  disabled.

The program developed with The Computer Company Inc., will serve the approximate 72,000 children in the state of Connecticut who are eligible for the program.

With publications focusing on science, technology, the environment, math and entertainment, including popular magazines like Sports Illustrated For Kids, CRIS’ on-demand system can be downloaded by consumers directly from CRIS’ website to personal computers, mp3 players, smartphones and tablets.

The  hope is that “the programming will help students achieve independence  with homework, provide a teaching tool for parents and educators, and  offer students timely access to current events,” according to CRIS  representatives.

CRIS is the only radio-reading service in Connecticut that provides content for the blind, learning disabled and physically challenged. The 32-year-old program relies on the work of volunteers to deliver information to its audience.