Don’t get buried in your ‘Digital Dirt’

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What is digital dirt, you ask? Digital dirt is any unflattering information, whether truthful or not, that exists about you on the web. Discover digital dirt by doing a Google¬†search on your name or company name and see if dirt exists. You may be shocked at what appears. Were the results consistent with how you want to be known?¬†If not, it’s time to manage your online reputation before it manages you.

The facts: Studies have shown that the majority of people will check pages 1, 2, and 3 when conducting a Google search. What if digital dirt about you, or your business is found? This could be problematic for your career and business. Also, once the information is posted, it has a high risk of being reposted, spreading virally making it harder to remove.

What can be done? Many people think the best way to mend the situation is to post less, but they are wrong. The answer is to post more! Yes, post articles related to your industry, blog about topics that are relative to your business, comment on social media sites, and submit a press release. Most employers and clients are willing to overlook minor downfalls if they are finding more positive posts about you and your business than negative.

Prevention Tip: Set up a Google Alert on yourself or your business. You will be notified when your name or business is mentioned in articles, blog posts, and even photos. Google also allows you to protect your brand image, immediately. Take the opportunity to control your digital dirt, before it controls you.

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