Upgrade Adobe Reader or you could get a virus

July 14th, 2010 by TCC Leave a reply »

Did you know computers across the globe were infected with a virus recently from running Adobe Reader?

It’s true! Security risks were discovered within Adobe Reader that left thousands of computers around the world at risk for data theft.

Here’s how it can happen to you…

  1. You open, save, or download an Adobe PDF file.
  2. While the document is open or stored on your computer, malicious JavaScript codes that are embedded connect to a corrupt website and a virus appears.
  3. These destructive viruses are not detected by antivirus/antispyware software, meaning.
  4. Without you knowing, hackers start accessing your online accounts, stealing your personal information, and installing harmful software on your computer.

Adobe, aware of its perilous situation, responded immediately with an updated version of Reader ready for download.

Before you become a victim, take precaution. Simply download the latest version of Adobe Reader along with the latest version of Internet Explorer, and avoid a virus taking over your computer.

Remember open, save, or download PDFs from people or websites you trust!



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