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eManagerSite is a CMS tool made for web designers and businesses. We set ourselves apart from other CMS sites by offering more than just website editing. We know it’s more than just a website – it’s your digital workplace.

After nurturing that concept, the eManagerSite officially went into beta in late 2013. We’d love to welcome more busineses and organizations onto our CMS platform, and to have more web design and marketing agency partners.We strive to be the best business website builder for your needs.

All The Tools You Need to Manage Your Business

eManagerSite’s management features are optimized for keeping track of website content, employees, and customers.

Website Content: Update your site anywhere, at anytime — all you need is an internet connection. Uploading files is easy with a built-in FTP; those files are then easily organized with our Asset Manager that can handle anything from pictures to to videos to PDFs. You also get the ability to add in custom forms that can obtain any sort of data needed, such as Contact Forms or
Registration Forms. These forms can then be synched with our built-in email tool or outside programs like Excel to organize data or communicate information.

Employees: Unique user logins allow different employees to edit different areas of the site — so a department can be allowed permission only to its appropriate pages and functions. Our included email marketing tool can send out and keep track of internal emails and internal email campaigns to ensure privacy and security. Have as many intranet or extranet sites as needed to keep information away from the public but still displayed on a beautifully organized site.

Customers: Manage customers easily with our CRM tool. Our tool holds thousands of customer names in our database, and syncs customer data from our E-Commerce and Email Marketing modules. Get a hold of important information fast using our Search function.

Unique Management Features:

  • Content Management
  • Cloud Hosting Included
  • Intranet & Extranet sites for managing employees
  • Storage for unlimited amount of web pages
  • Powerful programming modules such as store locators and search boxes
  • Advanced customer relationship management (CRM) module
  • Unique User Permissions for different eManagerSite logins

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