What Exactly Does HIPAA Say About Email Security for the Healthcare Industry?

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Performing daily business transactions through electronic technologies is accepted, reliable, and necessary across the nation’s healthcare sectors. Therefore, electronic communications and email have become a standard in the healthcare industry as a way to conduct business activities.

When your organization is responsible for critical data such as protected health information, choosing an email provider like The Computer Company is more than a matter of trust.


Questions to Consider When Choosing an Email Service Provider

  • Signed Business Associate Agreement
  • Awareness of their responsibilities under HIPAA’s Security Standards
    Solutions that meet or exceed HIPAA’s Security Standards
  • Willingness to work with you and advise you on your security and privacy choices
  • Protect data integrity
  • Flexible, scalable services – no account is too small
  • Administrative access to assign or change a user’s password
  • Controls to validate a user’s access
  • Audit controls to track user access and file access
  • Allow access to users based on role or function
  • Data transmission security
  • Unlimited document or email transfer
  • Ability for encryption
  • Emergency access for data recovery
  • Minimal server downtime
  • Secure data backup and storage
  • Secure data disposal
  • User friendly, web-based access
  • A Scalable, flexible and HIPAA-compliant solution for electronic communications

The Computer Company offers secure, premium email services including extensive security features, Spam and virus filtering, robustness, and superior customer service. The offerings are scalable to any size healthcare organization

In addition to The Computer Company itself protecting your ePHI by following the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules as required, The Computer Company also provides a clean set of guidelines for using its services that enable your ePHI to be safeguarded
Want to learn more? Would you like an unbiased evaluation of your current circumstances?

Contact The Computer Company at 800 418 2358 or info@computercompany.net for a free evaluation and demonstration of our product.


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