Virtualization the First Step to Cloud Computing

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 Virtualization the First Step to Cloud Computing

Many small businesses have invested time and resources to secure and back up their servers, computers, data, and overall network infrastructure in the traditional client-server environment. Now, just when they thought you could relax and reap the benefits of these efforts, emerging new technologies such as cloud computing and virtualization have arrived on the scene, bringing both significant benefits and new challenges.  Cloud computing is essentially a shift to using relatively scalable and reliable, pay-per-use, third-party services over the Internet to do business, such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Virtualization is the first step to cloud computing. By using software to divide one physical server into multiple isolated virtual environments, virtualization enables a more efficient utilization of existing computing resources. It is also a key stepping stone for cloud computing, as it makes physical and logical resources available through a virtual service layer across the enterprise.

Virtualization offers small businesses the exciting promise of significant time and money savings, increased productivity, and enhanced customer service. Current servers are better utilized, old machines can be retired, floor space is freed up, and—with the need to power and cool fewer systems—energy costs plummet The right solution can protect your data, reduce storage and management costs, and automate storage and management savings with efficient archiving, backup, and security.

There’s no doubt that virtualization offers dramatic benefits for small businesses, including efficiency, cost savings, and increased reliability and performance. But in order to take advantage of these benefits, companies must properly adapt their best practices, policies, tools, and procedures to the virtual environment. With a little caution, planning, and common sense, your virtualization implementation can allow you to do more with less and free up IT staff to focus on strategic projects that help your company grow. To be able to finally harness the full power of IT for a competitive advantage.

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Virtualization is the First Step to Cloud Computing

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