Quad Backup the Total Solution

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Quad Backup the Total Solution

On-Site Backup
for all your PCs, Servers and Network Devices using the Quad Backup
Solution. We provide all the software, hardware and storage you will need for
your company’s data on your local network. Any or all of your local data can be
restored in seconds.

Off-Site Backup
Once your company’s data (including bare metal server and pc backups) is stored
on your local network, Quad Backup will automatically move a continuous stream
of data to a triple redundant cloud storage facility. In the event of a local
natural disaster (fire, tornado, hurricane, etc.) your company’s data will be
safely stored in our secure data centers restored in seconds.

Free US Based Technical Support
Once your Quad Backup System is configured you can obtain unlimited US based
technical support by calling our help desk support line at 800-418-2358 We
pledge to help and assist you with the Quad Backup so that you can setup,
configure and recover data anyplace in the world. 95% of the time we connect to
your Quad Backup System with remote assistance

3-Year Hardware Warranty
If anything goes wrong with your Quad Backup System we will provide you
hardware for free! We have replacement systems on hand and we are ready to
re-configure your system on a moment’s notice.

No Recovery Fees
With the Quad Backup System your company’s information will be backed up
locally and globally in multiple locations. There is no fee for recovery of
your data using the array of recovery tools available through Quad Backup!

Data Deduplication & Local Compression
Compression Data deduplication and compression occurs prior to data storage and
transmit using state-of-the-art technology. This ensures that backups are
completed in a shorter timeframe; less storage space is used on the on-site NAS
and at the off-site data centers, and needed bandwidth to transfer data
off-site remains manageable

Bare MetalRestoration Locally or Globally
Quad Backup Provide your company Virtual Machines that allow you to quick spin
up stored bare metal backups and restore them to a Virtual Machine.

Virtual Server Snapshot Storage and Recovery
The Quad Backup Service allows for full virtual machine (VM) storage and serves
as a “Hot Hypervisor” in the event your production environment is not working.
This allows your organization to easily spin a full snapshot of your server to
a live environment. Quad Backup provides full data continuity for your company!

Message-Level Exchange Recovery
Quad Backup saves your email messages at the “Message Level” allowing you to
fully backup and restore your Exchange Server on a local basis. Quad Backup
fully backs up your email server and ensures your company is fully compliant
with most email archiving laws.

Application and Database Recovery
Quad Backup conducts “Full Metal Backups” of your servers including your
applications and databases. These backups can be restored in full or can be
partially restored including files, databases, applications, etc. This approach
to system restoration provides your company with maximum flexibility

Instant On-site and Off-site Virtualization
The Quad Backup Devices serves as an instant virtualized server! The latest
copy of your backup can be spun up to act as a virtual server allowing your
company to continue working even though your production environment is down. In
the event of a major catastrophe, you can call the Quad Backup Support Team who
can provide you remote access to your data through remote desktop access! No
matter what the situation, Quad Backup has you covered!

Buy Back Policy
If you purchase a Quad Backup Device and the system reaches capacity (too much
data, your business grows, etc.) within one year of your purchase, we will buy
back that device and give you the next model up for ½ the cost. You must
purchase the next level (model) device but this guarantee assures that we have
your interest at heart.

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