2012 Marketing Predictions

January 9th, 2012 by TCC Leave a reply »

1.) The Move on Mobile.
Picture yourself driving in your car with your family. You decide to go somewhere to eat, or see a movie, or go shopping. Out comes the phone, and the search begins. This is becoming an everyday experience for many of us. This is important, why? Your business needs to be present where your prospects and customers are. Today, customers expect to be able to contact you, not only by searching your website, but also on their phones or tablets. In 2012 websites need to be tailored for the phone environment.

2.) Video in, Flash Out.
Ok, Flash is not really out. It just sounded good in the title. Flash will continue to be used on websites, and serve the purpose it has for the last 10 years… make stuff cool! But Video is coming on strong! Studies have shown that using video for product showcasing has increased sales.

3.) SEO will continue to grow.
Organic and paid search will to grow in 2012. Sorry, the phonebook in not coming back. (Not even sure where we keep ours!) Seems that 90% of the websites give very little attention to Search
Engine Optimization, but that is to their loss. The other 10% are easily found, and are bringing in the business.

4.) Look for more integration of traditional media into social campaigns.
While social is decent at serving to build credibility and increase communication, it doesn’t always translate into business profits for many companies. Social is still primarily for friends
talking to friends, if your business fits in with that, it can help boost brand. But social does brands get fans involved in the conversation, and can spread the word about product benefits.


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