More energy-saving solutions are here for SMB

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As the technology world becomes more complex and advanced, it’s no surprise that the amount of glitches and errors has also grown, leading to further complications and problems within an IT infrastructure. Luckily there are technological advances that can prevent these issues and keep IT networks running smoothly, even for small businesses. With virtualization solutions from VMWare or Hyper-V, protecting and managing your IT systems can be highly efficient in many ways.


A virtualization solution is a great way for businesses running on multiple servers to reduce maintenance time and optimize server performance. Most physical servers, like the human brain, only utilize a fraction of their power. This happens because most physical servers are running only one operating system, and then are paired one-to-one with critical software applications.

Utilizing virtualization solutions optimizes your servers’ processing power, allowing a fewer number of servers to run close to or at their maximum capacity. Think of the amount of energy that goes into powering the servers, and then the amount of energy that goes into cooling the server room.  Operating multiple servers wastes physical space, uses unnecessary energy, and takes time from IT administrators. Virtualization greatly reduces power consumption, simplifies maintenance, and frees up your company to focus on innovation techniques. Your business can receive all the positives of multiple servers, without the wasted power, space, or time.

Virtualization technology provides superior backup protection for your business’ proprietary information and data. Virtual servers run as if they were separate units, interacting independently with other devices, yet they still maintain the same redundancy practices of multiple servers. This means that data backup and recovery is a more seamless and quicker process than with traditional backup tapes and external hard drives.

With the saved time and reduced costs through server virtualization, The Computer Company, Inc. can spend more time helping you focus on innovation and growing your business, not server maintenance and repair. Consolidate multiple servers onto one hardware platform to optimize not only their processing abilities, but also your business’ growth potential.


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