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Why do teachers need websites? In one word – communication!

May 29th, 2014



When my daughter Mary was in the fifth-grade, she came home with a report card that was, shall we say, less than impressive. This bright, hard working girl was getting D’s in social studies, science, and health. The first parent-teacher conference of the year was held ten weeks after school began, and it wasn’t until then that I learned of the problems she was having.

At the conference, I asked her teacher a favor. “Please let me know what Mary needs to know in these areas, when the test dates are, and when the projects are due. I will help make sure she knows what she needs to know!”

A bit flustered, the teacher said she would get back to me.

I never saw the list of competencies or test dates, but I also noticed Mary never received less than a B in her class again. While at the time I viewed this as victory for proactive parenting, I have since worried that the skills and knowledge Mary should have gained during that year fell by the wayside.

Mary’s teacher missed a tremendous opportunity by not enlisting my help and the help of the other children’s parents in her class. Over one-fourth of the year was gone before I knew my son was having problems. Even had I known he was struggling, I did not know enough about the curricular content or teacher’s expectations to know how to help.

Parents do want to help. They just need information. And technology can help you provide that information.

Yes, a classroom website can improve communication between you and your students and their families. If you’ve ever run into problems with students not taking papers home to their parents, then you need a website! Websites are effective communicators!
There are 4 ways that a website can communicate and benefit a teacher:

1. A website is open for business 24-7. People can go to your website any day, at any time of day. It is convenient. Parents can read the homework assignments or the information about that upcoming field trip. The website will be working for you even when you are asleep! It saves you time and expense. There is no way that you could schedule conferences around the clock like that. A website can take the place of meetings, parent pages, newspapers, brochures, and announcements.Thus, a website expands your time.

2. A website gives you unlimited exposure. People in your community and even from half way around the world can visit your website. Parents can give your website address to relatives who live out of town.Thus, a website expands your range.

3. Because a website expands your time and range, people that you probably would never reach through any other medium, including other teachers, can see what your class is doing. They can contact you through your website. Your website will enable you to connect with other educators who share your interests.Thus, a website expands your resources.

4. Since the great majority of students is really interested in the Internet, a website can captivate their attention and challenge them to become more interested in their school work. In their eyes, a website is “totally cool.”Thus, a website can challenge your students to become more interested in their school work.

Anything that will expand your time, your range, your resources, and also interest your students is bound to be worthwhile.

Some people are afraid to create a website. They think that it is too complicated and beyond their capabilities. Please don’t let this kind of thinking stop you. The Internet is a golden opportunity for teachers. Don’t let it pass you by. You can get a free  classroom  website right here today! Here’s an opportunity for you to get started.

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